Video Testimonial

Before I left my 19-year practice in NY in order to start my new practice here in SC, I asked my patients to say a few words about their experience. They were so touching that I want to share them with you! Below is a compilation video. The full-length videos are available on the testimonials page. Enjoy!


Dr. Angela.....what a perfect name for her.  She is an angel to me.  Suffered with a bad back for years and no one was able to make it better.  Dr. Angela was referred to me and the back problems have vanished and, at 91 years,  I am line dancing, bowling and have been cast in a play in my little theatre group. Wish I had met her 10 years ago.

  • Rose B.

Do you experience pain? Low Energy? Need some help and don't know where to turn?

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I have a neighbor who used to walk around doubled over in pain, using a walker just to keep himself upright. He had allowed doctors to perform 9 surgeries on his back! Nothing helped, in fact the pain level was so bad that he was on 5 medications for pain, and another 5 for high blood pressure. He was desperate for relief. After consulting yet another pain specialist who suggested more drastic surgery, he finally came to me. I treated him for six sessions, and everything turned around. He came in one day, and informed me that he woke up the day before without pain. He was thrilled! It had taken several treatments to see results for himself, but now he is one of my biggest fans.

In my 20 years of private practice, I have successfully treated thousands of patients. Many of them come after Western medicine has written them off - sometimes after months or years of tests, surgeries, or medications. The results with Chinese medicine often seem miraculous, yet these are everyday experiences in my clinic. Read success stories or watch video testimonials.

When in doubt, call me! I can probably help. Chinese medicine is an ancient medicine, repeatedly proven effective over thousands of years.

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