After Gallbladder Surgery

An interesting day today…

A woman I have seen in the past for back pain called me yesterday for an appointment today: she is in so much pain after GB surgery she can hardly sit, stand or walk! Apparently her pancreas was also blocked, and a stent put in for that too!

It’s mostly gas pain that starts in the area of the GB and works it’s way around the abdomen to the back. I worked on her abdomen, and after a couple minutes she had to sit up from the pain in the back. I had her sit up, put in a couple needles in her back. After about 10 minutes I checked on her and she was feeling a lot better; the needles helped her to relax.

After I took all the needles out, I gave her a good rub along her back, and then gently rubbed out her abdomen. Gas pains were cramping up the digestive tract, but things were moving. I showed her a gentle belly rub to do on herself.

After she was up and dressed, she commented, “If I could drive myself, I would be here every day!” Apparently the treatment was helpful! Another good day… I do love to help people!

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