I have found acupuncture to be highly effective for anxiety. Here’s the thing: living without anxiety – that is an act of trust.

My job in these cases is is to create a soothing safe space. Acupuncture at this time is about releasing tension in the body and mind. I also counsel about meditative techniques, creating safe ritual, and self-acceptance.

Results are awesome.

I currently treat a young man in his late 20s. He was accustomed to waking with bad anxiety every morning and needing an hour walk to release emotions enough to function. He had been on years of psychiatric medications that were not making much difference. With even his first treatment and a little counseling, he was already feeling much better. Certain triggers seem to activate his anxieties again, such as work situations that rob him of his creative voice. With regular treatments, those situations are becoming less threatening to his equilibrium.

I also currently treat a young woman who is recovering from a physically and emotionally abusive ex-husband. Recently, just a photo of him seen on Facebook sent her into an anxiety spiral, which is what brought her in to see me. Even from the first treatment, she could tell this was going to work for her. We have had nice conversations about creating safe space in her current living situation and thankfully she can take a breather from work so that she can rest emotionally and psychically. I counseled her on letting go and recreating herself as she wants to be. Just a couple weeks later, she is transformed and ready for her new life.

I love to see this kind of progress in my patients!

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