Hives are often stress-related, and usually dissipates on its own. However, every once in a while a case goes berserk and needs intervention. Invariably the uncontrollable outbreak is starts with a high-stress situation. I highly recommend acupuncture over medications for hives of any severity, because I can treat the stress as well as control the symptoms.

One case of bad hives I treated was a nurse. She had easy access to doctors and despite all the medications she had tried, nothing was working. She came to me out of desperation, and I was able to calm the system down even in one treatment. It took 5 treatments for the hives to stop.

Another case: she had come to me before for stress relief (anxiety, poor sleep, tight shoulders). But this time, her stress manifested as hives on her face! Her face was puffy and red and getting worse by the minute. She had gone to Urgent Care and they had prescribed steroids. Interestingly, they helped until she was tapered off of them. The second she stopped the meds, she blew up again. She panicked and went back to the doctor and went back on steroids. This time, the hives slowed then flared, even as she was on meds. In desperation, she called me, telling me she wished she had called me first! Well, I believe she would have responded quicker had she come to me first. As it was, I was able to help her. Each treatment, she would leave visibly improved. But it took 2 weeks to fully clear the redness and swelling. Still, in the end the acupuncture was the only treatment that was able to help.

Try calling me first, no matter what you are experiencing. You will be surprised how much acupuncture can treat. If it does not respond to acupuncture in a manner I would expect, I will refer you to the right doctor…

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