Sciatic/Hip Pain

from Tom M:

August 8, 2012

After numerous trips to the chiropractor, MRIs, taking muscle and nerve relaxants, and two epidural injections into my spine, I had no relief from what I was told was “sciatica”.
It was getting worse, to the point where one morning I was doubled over with pain. I called up Angela and got an appointment same day, in early July 2012. After two treatments, the pain down my leg from the sciatica was gone, a pain I had lived with it for nearly 2 years.
I have also fallen numerous times in my lifetime: skiing, biking, and just living, starting at age 2! I had a chronic pain on right hip and knee that I had been living with even longer, to the point where I don’t remember ever not having the pain. Angela healed that with another 5 treatments.
I am back into my cycling and exercise routine and am now living pain-free…thank you Angela !!


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