10-year old with Psoriasis

About 2 months ago, I got a call about a 10-year-old girl who was specifically requesting acupuncture for her skin. She has had psoriasis on and off for years. Primarily the lesions are along the legs, and ankles with a little bit on the elbows. The most inconvenient spot is under the right toe, where it cracks and will hurt if it gets lotion. She had been to doctors and tried all sorts of medications. I had even given the mother some homeopathic supplements to try on her. Nothing was effective, and now the girl was interested in trying acupuncture! It was her strong desire to try it, and she was the one bugging her mother to make sure an appointment was made.

The first visit was definitely a new experience, but she found that the needles were not painful. She was able to stay still with the needles long enough for a good effect. After the very first treatment, she already noticed marked improvement under her big toe, whose cracked skin had healed right up. There was also lessening symptoms along the legs and ankles.

The first treatment was so successful that she has been the one making sure her mother makes more appointments! She comes in every other week, and the progress is wonderful to see. Areas of persistent chronic psoriasis along her legs, ankles and big toe are all slowly getting smaller, less itchy, with no cracking skin, with no new lesions popping up.

It is such a blessing to be part of the healing process for her!

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