Migraines treated with acupuncture

56-year-old male reports frequent debilitating headaches at the top of his head accompanied with dizziness. Almost a year ago, he came down with a bad viral flu – he fainted from dehydration and was in the ER for a couple days. Headaches pretty much started after that. Every kind of doctor and specialist was consulted, and the best they could diagnose with was migraines. Medications prescribed were not helpful. He came for acupuncture as a last resort.

I found him to have a lot of tension in his back and neck. Indeed, he is under a great deal of stress between pressure at work and financial obligations putting his two kids through college. At first the acupuncture was slow to show progress, but after the third session (second week), he realized that his headaches were less debilitating. Now it has been a 10 treatments in three weeks, and his headaches are almost gone, no dizziness for some time, and the tension in the back and neck are almost completely gone.

Considering he spend a year going to every doctor with no relief, and tried medications to no avail, 10 treatments and almost cured is pretty quick!

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