Improved Vision

A lovely older gentleman has been coming to see me for acupuncture. His case is somewhat complicated by the fact that he has had a lot of health issues, not the least of them facial cancer with multiple subsequent plastic surgeries. He came to me asking if I could help him with his vision. After cataract surgery, he could see fine for a couple of months, after which it felt like everything went back to what it was. He considered his vision 50%, and kind of like looking through a steamed up window. He had already exhausted everything Western medicine could offer – for a year going from one doctor to another before finally coming to see me.

I treated him with acupuncture around the face to improve circulation, nourish the blood and benefit the eyes, as well as a couple of other points near the ankle. I also gave him an herbal supplement. Within two treatments, he was certain he could see better. He walks to treatment, so there are fixed distances between where he comes around a building and the traffic sign across the street – he could see that more clearly. He also could see the colors of cars as he crossed the street – before that, all he could make out of cars were the shiny glints off of glass and chrome. Phenomenal results!

The latest is that he continues to improve. When speaking to him, I can see that he is tracking me much better, that his eyes are much more focused.

Acupuncture really works!

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