Aches and Anxiety

From Andrew:
After years of wear and tear from playing sports combined with living the New York stressful lifestyle of “Work, Work, Work”, I decided I needed to start taking care of myself. Having heard from friends and family of how they had benefitted from doing acupuncture to treat everything from anxiety to shoulder/rotator cuff difficulties, I became very interested. Having been an athlete my entire life I was beginning to experience the wear and tear effects on my knees and shoulders. I was also experiencing anxiety related symptoms due to work related stress,  I decided to take the plunge. I contacted Angela via phone. Spoke with her and discussed some of the problems I was experiencing. Angela responded with kindness, concern and with abundant knowledge in Chinese medicine, that same day I scheduled my first appointment. Two days later I knocked on Angela’s door for my first appointment. I was received with warmth and kindness and made to feel right at home. Angela conducted a brief intake of Q&A and I explained more in depth some of the difficulties I was experiencing with my lower back, knee, shoulder pain and range of motion and of course anxiety related symptoms. Soon after, I was laying on the table and we began. Feeling slightly uneasy for not knowing what to expect with the needles, Angela was extremely sensitive to my fear and made for my first acupuncture experience to be calming and relaxing.
Here I am 4 weeks later just finishing my 3rd treatment and am astonished by the effects for which acupuncture has had on my body. I am definitely a work in progress, but feel a noticeable difference with my range of motion, a lot less pain and discomfort in my shoulders, knees, lower back and my anxiety has subsided considerably. Based on these results I know I have made the right decision in using acupuncture to help with my present symptoms but also with preventative care. I look forward to my next session with Angela and can’t wait to see the ongoing results.
Thanks for all your help Angela!
Andrew ….

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