Improved my golf and tennis!

From Chris D.:

I am a 54 -year-old man who has suffered for years with shoulders problems which severely reduced my flexibility and range of motion.  My right shoulder had a torn front deltoid; the left has had dislocation problems for about thirty years.  On the suggestion of my tennis coach, I tried Angela rather than have an operation on the torn deltoid, which would have meant six weeks in a sling.  The accupunture treatment worked, and and I have regained full use of my right arm and shoulder, and am now able to do exercise like dips which were too painful before the treatment.  Building on that success, she is now concentrating on my left shoulder, which has more ingrained problems but which is making good progress.
As a result, both my tennis and golf games have picked up substantially since last Fall (I started seeing Angela in October 2010) which I attribute to the increased range of motion.  I look forward to continuing the treatments, as nothing makes a person feel older than a decreased range of motion.
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