Acupuncture During Pregnancy

There is a lot to fear during pregnancy. We are more and more informed about what to avoid. Consequently, it isn’t a surprise that most mothers-to-be tolerate the symptoms of pregnancy without considering treatment… Acupuncture can treat many of the discomforts of pregnancy. In fact, acupuncture from a well-trained practitioner is super safe during pregnancy. So safe, in fact, that it can be helpful to prevent miscarriage! I have used acupuncture to treat tiredness, morning sickness, swelling and aches. I have had more than one patient come in nauseous and ill, and they leave feeling calm and centered. Acupuncture sometimes does not stop the symptoms, since these are a body reaction to having a baby growing inside, but it can definitely take the edge off.

I have treated the sciatica that can happen when the baby gets bigger and heavier, and starts weighing on the back. There were two mothers who took taichi with me throughout the pregnancies, and never had any back pains at all. I have treated mothers who were past their due date and needed to get things going or face the threat of induction… In two cases of “overdue” pregnancies this past month, both mothers gave birth within a week of treatment, just in time to avoid Pitocin.

I have even treated breach presentation. In one case, the breach baby turned immediately after the mother left my office! “It was a strange feeling,” the mother reported, “a really big swish!”

I have used acupuncture extensively to support pregnancy and take the edge off of symptoms. It is very safe and effective, and has been used with hundreds of thousands of pregnant women over the millenia!

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