Low Back Pain

CR called me yesterday for a last-minute appointment. He’s been suffering from pain in the hips and low back for over a year… I looked up his chart and he hadn’t been in to see me for 8 months! Well, he said in the meantime he had tried another acupuncturist closer to his home, who was little help. He had also seen other doctors, all of whom offered no substantial help. And he went to his father’s therapist, who helped his father, but who couldn’t offer much to relieve CR’s pain.

So, despite the fact that I am far away from his house, and that he would have to miss putting his daughter to bed, he was back to see me. And it’s a good thing he did. I could see that there was a lot of tension in his lower back, pulling on his SI (sacro-iliac) joint, giving him the hip pain. It was also clear that the tension had not caused any misalignment of the bone structure at this point, which makes treatment much quicker.

CR rose from the treatment table essentially out of pain, just after the one session.

I recommended a follow-up, and then some monthly maintenance acupuncture, and the practice of taichi. It takes work to keep the body running smoothly, but it is work that has the benefit of producing a sense of wellness, not just in the body, but the mind and soul too!

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