PCOS: Polycystic ovarian cyndrome

A diagnosis of PCOS is heartbreaking and probably needs a longterm care mindset. However, acupuncture and herbs can help to bring some regularity to your cycles and improve your health.

Below is one case study:


A 15-year old had been coming to me for PCOS. Ever since she started bleeding, she has never had a normal period – usually no menstrual bleeding for months, then bleeding/spotting non-stop for weeks at a time. Up to now, her menstrual cycle has been “induced” by taking hormones, but ingested hormones do nothing for PCOS except precipitate bleeding. Orally administered hormones are not encouraging the body to ovulate, nor restoring normal hormonal cycling, nor addressing other effects of hormonal imbalance.

Her other symptoms include weight gain, hirsutism, and most importantly PCOS-induced diabetes. For that, she was put on Metformin, which in 5 months did not reduce blood sugar levels.

Her mother brought her in on a somewhat long shot. Western medicine has no further answers except surgery, which was not a viable option in this case.

So far, the results have been surprisingly good! I put her on herbs right away (not hormonally based), and after two acupuncture sessions, she had a normal-length period (6 days of bleeding)! We are awaiting a second period now. If that is also normal in flow, then we will know we will beat this condition. I will keep you posted on updates!

8/7 Update:

Her second period showed up 40 days after the first. This is the closest to a regular period she has had since she started menstruating 4 years ago! Who knew we would be so excited about menstrual bleeding, but this is a big deal… restoring normal hormonal levels without drugs of any kind: we have a shot at bringing her body to normal in a sustainable and healthy way.

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